Saturday, 28 July 2012

Merle O'Grady Lookbook

I assisted the amazingly talented Kieran Kilgallon with styling on this
amazing lookbook for Meryl O'Gradys Collection 7. Meryl is a hugely talented jewellery designer
from Ireland living in London.

Funnily enough during the shoot we were chatting and
it turns out we both attended the same tiny primary school in the middle of Ireland, one which was subsequently knocked down to make room for a road that actually is a big mess. It's such a shame,
it was a really nice school, we had the same teacher Ms.Judge,
this wonderful woman who I always remember dressed so well,
she kept her hair in a little bun atop her head and one day let it down
and her hair hit the floor, she was really kind and warm-hearted.
Myself and Meryl attended the school at different times but both had lovely times there.


Photographed by Sean Jackson.
 Styled by Kieran Kilgallon assisted by Dean McDaid. 
Make-up by Natalie Kinsella
 Hair by Trudy Hayes
 Model Grace Connell @Morgan the Agency


  1. So slick. And that's gas about the primary school thing…only in Ireland!

  2. Beautiful photos and styling Dean! x

  3. this outfit looks amazing! find all outfits are very good and nice :)


  4. likeeee your blog!
    keep posting and go for itt!!


  5. wow, wonderful photos, I must say I'm impressed!