Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Here is the outfit I was wearing today. I got those cheap monday pants so long ago,
 but they're extremely baggy and I can hardly ever wear them because they don't go with too much,
I generally wear loose fitted tops so I just look mega fat,
so I paired it with a tight Puma tee and some Doc Martens and they looked alright.

Hype on lookbook:

These are my new favourite pieces on 9crowstreet.com:

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Merle O'Grady Lookbook

I assisted the amazingly talented Kieran Kilgallon with styling on this
amazing lookbook for Meryl O'Gradys Collection 7. Meryl is a hugely talented jewellery designer
from Ireland living in London.

Funnily enough during the shoot we were chatting and
it turns out we both attended the same tiny primary school in the middle of Ireland, one which was subsequently knocked down to make room for a road that actually is a big mess. It's such a shame,
it was a really nice school, we had the same teacher Ms.Judge,
this wonderful woman who I always remember dressed so well,
she kept her hair in a little bun atop her head and one day let it down
and her hair hit the floor, she was really kind and warm-hearted.
Myself and Meryl attended the school at different times but both had lovely times there.


Photographed by Sean Jackson.
 Styled by Kieran Kilgallon assisted by Dean McDaid. 
Make-up by Natalie Kinsella
 Hair by Trudy Hayes
 Model Grace Connell @Morgan the Agency

Leonn Ward

Leonn Ward is fast becoming my favourite photographer, hailing from Dublin but based in
London she photographs the beautiful creatures of London in the most interesting of settings, she really has an eye for making the surroundings in a photograph make the model/models look amazing but not outshine them. She works with some of the hottest male models, which I am very envious of,
but at least we get to see the photos, right?

She has done work for I-D, I-D Online, ILOVEFAKE Magazine and Hunter
Magazine and has been featured on DazedDigital and rightly so as she is producing top quality work. I've written about Leonn before, I always like to, her work just keeps getting better. I've featured some of my favourites in this blog post, all taken from leonnward.com, make sure to have a look.

Also we have added over 100 new items to 9crowstreet.com,
check it out, some awesome bits in there.

Thursday, 26 July 2012


This is what I wore today, the Reebok sweatshirt is from 9crowstreet.com(my store), the shorts were thrifted, the hat is Emma's, but I wear it all the time, the socks are 9crowstreet.com, again and the Doc Martens are vintage.
On 9crowstreet.com we are having a 24 hour sale on our sale stock to make room for new stock, check it out here:

Hope you guys have had a good day!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I had started a project over a year ago and such as life, I didn't have enough time to put in to it. I was busy running a shop and have been busy the last few months starting an online clothing store. Hobbies tend to get pushed back when running a business, this is the one thing I've learned, well, more so any free time rather than hobbies, you have to be prepared for your life to be completely consumed by it. I'm going to start this blog to keep me busy elsewhere, I'm going to make myself find time again, I kept a blog for a few years and it's a really nice way to help you remember what you could so easily forget. Boys I have known was my project, I challenged myself to take photos of men that I knew or would encounter, ones that inspired me, or that I love or ones I just thought were pretty/interesting.

We got a new camera for the website so hopefully now I will get to put a bit of time back in to that.
Here are a few of the photos that I took, hope you enjoy.

If you want to follow it for updates just go here and click follow: Boys I Have Known