Saturday, 28 July 2012

Leonn Ward

Leonn Ward is fast becoming my favourite photographer, hailing from Dublin but based in
London she photographs the beautiful creatures of London in the most interesting of settings, she really has an eye for making the surroundings in a photograph make the model/models look amazing but not outshine them. She works with some of the hottest male models, which I am very envious of,
but at least we get to see the photos, right?

She has done work for I-D, I-D Online, ILOVEFAKE Magazine and Hunter
Magazine and has been featured on DazedDigital and rightly so as she is producing top quality work. I've written about Leonn before, I always like to, her work just keeps getting better. I've featured some of my favourites in this blog post, all taken from, make sure to have a look.

Also we have added over 100 new items to,
check it out, some awesome bits in there.

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